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Morning Musubi’s Weekly Challenge #1.

Follow your favourite Japanese celebrities on Twitter and translate at least 20 tweets, it doesn’t matter if they are all from the one celebrity or many. All that matters is that you translate at least 20 tweets before next Wednesday.

→ If you don’t have/use Twitter, maybe check out online (celebrity) blogs - or if you’re still stuck for choice, websites with lots of discussions of interest going on, like 2ch.

Let me know how it goes, and feel free to even submit anything if you like too!

I will let you know of mine next Wednesday, x.

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Morning Musubi Challenge #1 results.

So! This week’s Morning Musubi has ended. I hope some of you were able to find the time to complete the challenge. Feel free to share any tweets/sentences you translated (doesn’t have to be all of them). I like translating, so this task was pretty pleasant for me. However, remembering and making the time to do it was a little difficult.

Celebrities followed: 雅 -MIYAVI-, Ryo-Z, 川瀬智子 (かわせ・ともこ/Tommy), Crystal Kay, ベッキー and 後藤正文 (ごとう・まさふみ/ゴッチ).

Number of translated tweets achieved: 20.

Yes, I only reached the bare minimum!! (The tweets are below, if interested).


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Morning Musubi’s Weekly Challenge #2.

Challenge:  See how many sentences you can study in a week.

Date: Closes next Wednesday.

How To: Simply take a sentence you want to learn, you might want to learn the grammar structure from it, the verb or some other part, whatever it is it doesn’t matter.

First things you need to do is strip back the sentence and learn all the parts you don’t know. Learn the words, the kanji and grammer structure.

Now the task is to create at least 5 more of your own sentences, keeping only the section you want to learn. This may be the the hard part but the challenge is to see how many times you can repeat the whole the process. 

Most will have a sentence based on a grammer pattern or new verb you are trying to learn from their textbook or whatnot. So its probably best then to focus on that point and come up with 5 new sentences.

For example you might not know the verb, 下回る (したまわる- to be less than, or to be lower than), and your target sentence may be

今日 も 気温(きおん) は 零(れい) 度(ど) を 下回っ て い ます 。- Even today the temperature is below 0 degrees.

By creating 5 more examples sentences on your own, keeping only the section you are learning, you can now apply that verb to 5 different topics not just the one in the example sentence. Cool huh? Imagine if you did more than 5! AJATT recommends doing 50 a day!

I’m in love with this method! It helps you come up with sentences that you are personally likely to encounter.

Tips for those who are stuck on coming up with sentences or are not studying from a textbook:

Sites like Tatoieba.org are you best friend here, this is where I got the example sentence from.  Just set the random sentence section to Japanese and you will have a wealth of sample sentences to study.

For those stuck on even getting it done check out Deadline Based Learning and how it helps you get past the procrastination stage.

Let me know how it goes, and how many sentences you get up to. =)

I’ll be posting mine next week. I find this kind of task hard, so I’m not sure how I’ll do!

[See the first week’s twitter challenge].

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Morning Musubi’s Weekly Challenge #3.

This week, I realized the importance of not studying. 

Yep that’s right not studying! sometimes you just need to stop trying to cram what you need to know into your head and go out and let it flow. You need to stop thinking and translating in your own head and just let it be. Much easier said than done I know. But sometimes its just what the doctor ordered.

So this weeks challenge is to stop studying and go and use your second language. If it’s Japanese, and your at a Japanese restaurant, why not order in Japanese. Is it going to be embarrassing? You bet! Is it going to help you get over your anxieties about speaking another language, You Bet!

You can always pre-cursor your conversation with “I’m sorry my Japanese is not very good, but…” hey why not say that in Japanese too!

So this week go and actively seek out places and people with whom you can communicate. If its a meetup club or just at your favourite restaurant it doesn’t matter. The amount of new stuff you will learn is incredible!

So go on, try it out, tell me how it goes, push yourself to learn!

Some of you may already do this generally, but - even so - still let me know of any of your experiences with it. =) I think this challenge might be the hardest for me because I have never~~ spoken Japanese to anybody in all these years.

I think I might speak to somebody on Skype for this challenge.

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Morning Musubi’s Weekly Challenge #4.

So this weeks challenge will focus less on speaking and more on writing. In its simplest form we are going to write as many journal entries as we can on lang-8. Set a target today and aim to beat that number.

If you think 1 a day will be difficult to complete for yourself, then set it at 10.

Remember push yourself, that’s the name of the game here.

Hope it goes well. =)

I’ve not had any time this past week to really do these challenges (except the twitter one - my results), unfortunately. Morning Musubi’s site has seemingly complete disappeared too! So this’ll be the last challenge. =(

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If you are native to Japanese and learning English, try writing down the English script!

時間: 00:48 ぐらい~04:00 ぐらい
シーン: 千秋真一が先生へ書いた手紙を心の中で読んでいる。



You can type up the script and record yourself, then submit to this blog here too, if you like. I don’t mind when it’s submitted. I will release the script next week, however.


ヴィエラ先生 = the name of the teacher
舞台(ぶたい) = stage
荘厳(な)(そうごん(な)) = solemn
指揮する(しき)= to conduct 
公演(こうえん)= public performance
潜り込む(もぐりごむ)= to sneak into 
僕/俺(ぼく・おれ)= I or me (male)

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Let’s try and copy “Nodame Cantabile”!


If you are native to Japanese and learning English, try writing down the English script!

時間: 00:48 ぐらい~04:00 ぐらい
シーン: 千秋真一が先生へ書いた手紙を心の中で読んでいる。

The correct script for this listening exercise is below:


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