A collection of revision notes and learning materials, plus a few extra things to aid in the study of Japanese. studying

A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar
A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar
A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar
Read Real Japanese Fiction
GENKI: Integrated Elementary Japanese I and II [beginners]
An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese
Basic Connections: Making Your Japanese Flow
Tobira (Gateway to advanced Japanese)
TextFugu [an online textbook]
Heisig’s Remembering Kanji
Basic Kanji Book Vol.1
Kanji in Context
Shadowing: Let’s Speak Japanese! (Beginner to Intermediate Level)
Japanese The Manga Way
Making Out in Japanese [for informal/vulgar language]
Minimum Essential Politeness: Japanese Honorific
Online and Phone Dictionaries:
ALC (I use this everyday)→Expression encyclopaedia
Goo dictionary
WWWJDIC (with audio clips) + for Android phones (incl. handwriting)
JWPce (downloadable dictionary for Windows)
JEDict (downloadable for Mac users)
Idiomatic Expressions
Idioms dictionary [Japanese only]
Counters dictionary
Hovering dictionaries: →Rikaikun for Chrome→Rikaichan for Firefox→Floating Dictionary for Mac
Current Affairs dictionary
Imiwa? (a dictionary for the iPhone)
Tagaini Jisho (downloadable for Windows, Mac and Linux)
Nihongodict (also an app. for iPhone and Android phones)
For kanji.
Jisho (I use this for spelling kanji for if I can’t read it)
Yamasa (I use this for learning to write)
A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters
Associative Kanji Learning (stroke orders)
Handwritten kanji search
WaniKani (reviewed and explained here)

Online reading:
Hukumusume Fairytales
竹取(Bamboo-Cutting) (vertical writing)
吉田秀幸の日記(Hideyuki Yoshida’s Diary) (recipes)
Chokochoko’s reading texts to help with JLPT
TED Talks (with Japanese subtitles and transcripts)
Learning through Films [Japanese subtitles/scripts]
Blue Sky Library (public domain books, explained here)


Free online manga
Vomic (free online manga with voice actors)
Sound Effects (in manga, etc)

Improving your speaking:

Japanese pronunciation guide
Interactive Hiragana Pronounciation table
Topics for Language Exchanges.
Bubbly (a Twitter-like app where you can record yourself)
Audioboo (similar to Bubbly, but also a website)
My Language Exchange [to find a language partner]
Japanese Kana (Chrome app)

“Real World” Japanese
My Kikitori
Reading & Writing practice:
Japan-Guide [for getting Japanese penpals]
Read, Write, Learn: Macaronics
原稿用紙の使い方 (How to write an essay with Japanese writing paper)
Shiritori (Japanese word-chain game)
iTalki [similar to Lang-8]
手書きブログ (Blogging by hand)
ChatPad (Japanese chatroom site)
Real Kana practice

NewsWeb Easy
NHK News (audio news with speed controls)
Mainichi Primary School student Newspaper

Podcasts and radio:
JOQR (Cultural Broadcasting)
TBS Radio’s Junk
CSRA fm(+ App for Android)
JIN Radio (bilingual)
Radio dramas
Medicine in Times of Tears
My Home, My Life
The Infirmary for 17-year-olds

Afternoon Hirusagari
Jet Daisuke
Analog TV Forever (collections of adverts)
Real Japanese Studio
Japanese Let’s Play gamers
Gaijin Goombah
Genki Lessons
Japanese sign language.
Heartful Power Hideo
Shuwa Island

Japanese subtitles for anime
KeyHole TV (to stream Japanese TV and radio)
風雲LIVE日本語(Feng Yun LIVE Japanese) (to stream TV)

Holy crap Japanese
Nihongo ga Suki
Jumpstart Japanese
Japanese Idioms
Nadine Nihongo
That Japan Addict
Japanese through Fandom
F-Yeah Native Japanese
J-Vocab of the Day
ぶらりめし [Japanese only]
Peaceful Chef [Japanese only]
Japanese Revision (my blog for intermediates)
Those who are studying in Japan

My Japan Travels (Yokohama National University)
Mechakuchajan (Osaka University)
Hola-Itza (Meiji Gakuin)
The Disaster Chronicles (Toyo University) [wordpress]
Welcome to Moonside (University of Kitakyushu)

2012 - 2013 exchange studentsJapanicking in Yamanashi (at Yamanashi University)
Samxuel (at Kyushu Sangyo)
Katy in Japan Town (at NUFS)
Chocotastie (at Seinan Gakuin)
Kim in Sapporo (at Hokkaido University)
Yeonhwa Japan (Chuo University)
Mago Mago (Ritsumeikan University)
Marta in Japan (Waseda University)
Working as part of the JET Programme

A Girl in Japan
Ramandab in Sapporo-shi
Boukendan desu
Learning websites:

The Japanese Page
Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese
Erin’s Challenge (with listening and reading practice)
Maggie Sensei
All Japanese All The Time
Japanese Level Up
Learning Japanese with Lingualift
Yes Japan!
Marugoto: Japanese Language & Culture

Other resources:

Lots of threads with a variety of resources for Japanese learning
JLPT Resources
Top 100 learning resources via Lingualift
Anki (flashcards for your computer, phone and online)→Yomichan (plug-in for Anki)
Common things said by cashiers
Quizlet (flashcards)
DJT and Okra’s pastebins (lots of resources and textbooks for download, etc)
Japanese.Livejournal (including tips on using IME)
Human Japanese (for PC and phones, excl. Linux)
Study Groups
Help with Japanese via StackExchange

I’ve added even more to the list since I first posted this and am continuing to add new things to it. So, I thought I’d re-post it. As always, if anyone has anything they would like to add, let me know!



Online and Phone Dictionaries:

For kanji.

Online reading:


Improving your speaking:


Reading & Writing practice:



Japanese sign language.



Those who are studying in Japan
2012 - 2013 exchange students

Working as part of the JET Programme


Learning websites:

Other resources:

I’ve added even more to the list since I first posted this and am continuing to add new things to it. So, I thought I’d re-post it. As always, if anyone has anything they would like to add, let me know!

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