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匿名 asked: "Do you know of any good Japanese dramas and where I can watch them?"

Maybe not, sorry! I don’t really watch Japanese dramas.

However, two dramas I only ever hear about here are Legal High and Spec! People seem to really enjoy them, so they’re probably worth checking out. Hope that helps! x.

But I’m sure someone reading this has more to offer. Help? =)

However, (old-ish) dramas I have enjoyed are:


heldrad asked: "Regarding anon's question... I skipped the new N4 and took the N3 right away. If you do the same, I suggest to study a lot of kanji. That was the most difficult for me. Grammar and listening were not that hard. Good luck!"

[Anon question here].


I did that, but you have to be very constant. You don’t have to study great chunks per day, but you do have to make a schedule.

Thank you very much for both of your inputs! x.

Can anyone help out with the question below too?:


Where can practice tests be found? I’m trying to figure out my level so I know where to start studying, but I always feel so lost.

匿名 asked: "hello, I have a question regarding JLPT. With my current knowledge I could definitely pass N4( I only had a few mistakes when I took their practice test), and when I took N3, I had about 40% correct answers. Do you think that I have a chance of passing if I start working on it somewhere in June(I plan to take the test in December), or should I play safe and take N4?"


If you know you can definitely pass N4, I’d say aim for the N3.

I reckon you’d definitely have a great chance of passing the N3 in that amount of time, so long as you have enough time to dedicate to studying and so forth.

But I should also point out that, I say this having not done any of the official tests before! I only passed my University’s N3 level test (which does not include any listening).

However, I’ve heard multiple times that the gap between N4 and N3 isn’t nearly as big as the gap between N2 and N1, for example. So I’d say give it a shot! - Especially seeing as you had a good amount of correct answers on the practice test, x.

Has anyone else faced the same decision before? And, if so, what did you decide to do and how did it work out? Let me know! x.

teokamu asked: "Hi! I was wondering if you could give me some advice to improve my Japanese, because I have been studying for 4 years and right now I have a medium level, but I have a lot of problem when I need to memorize some words or kanjis or grammar, because I can´t never remember later, it´s terrible!! :( and I tried to study every day, so, do you have any technique when you study? or what can I do if I don´t wanna have that problem? Thanks <3"

Firstly, congrats. on getting to a medium level in that time!! =)

After you study, do you try to use what you have learnt?

When you have learnt a new set of words, or new grammar, try and use it as much as you can that week, for example. Because repetition and practice are your best friends (and perhaps a degree of patience is good too, unfortunately - ha ha).

I mean, I hardly ever even remember words I don’t use or hear often enough in English (my native language). =\ Ha ha, which is why I have a ‘new words' section of this blog. But I found that when applying this idea of drilling things in - with hopes of expanding my English vocabulary, I've had a better success rate compared to any of my previous efforts to achieve this.

But you should also make sure you listen to Japanese conversations and such regularly too, which can also help this issue. Even through podcasts, YouTube videos, Vines, etc. You don’t have to fully understand everything, just strengthen what you do know and build up on it by doing this. Maybe even ‘have a discussion’ whilst you’re listening (if you’re like me and always talk at the screen when watching something, hahaha), or repeat what is said.

But don’t worry too much, you’re not a machine, so don’t get too down when words and things might slip your mind at times. Use what you know already to your advantage, and try not to focus too much on what you don’t know.

Keep drilling things in, and eventually they’ll set in!!

Sorry if I repeated a lot of what you already know/are trying, etc. But I hope that helps! x.

Pieces of Advice.

zohmaigah asked: "I hope it's not too late to say but congratulations on passing N3!^^ As a fellow Japanese language learner, your blog is very helpful! I hope you continue to be motivated to study and share your knowledge! これからも、よろしくお願いします!☆"

You are not, thank you very much! =D

Likewise. Ha ha, I was travelling around Japan and am now trying to cope with a few troubles at the moment. However, my usual classes start next week, so I hope to continue with grammar posts and so forth following that.

So slowly but surely, I hope to get this blog back up and running to its usual schedule.

Hope all is going well with your Japanese learning!!


匿名 asked: "congratulations on passing!!! just one question, is it かっこいすぎる or かっこよすぎる?"

Thank you very much! =D

It’s the second one, かっこよすぎる. I think it becomes easier to determine if you can remember that all conjugations of いい still use よい [= the older word/pronunciation].

Hope that helps! x.

kiyane312 asked: "Congrats on passing."

Thank you so much!

And thank you so much for taking the time out to send me this message too, x.

Same to everyone else for your likes and comments! xx.

I passed my University’s N3 test!! x.

(After failing it last semester).

But it then meant I had to do their N2 level test, and I definitely didn’t pass that.

I was too hungry and I got Michael Jackson’s “Bad” stuck in my head.

(And I don’t have the knowledge or skills, anyways).


[All Peanuts entries in chronological order].


たとえば同じような表現でhead-turnerは、振り向かせるほど魅力的な人やモノのこと。このように動作に-erをつけて「~させるモノ(人)」とすることで、 veryなどの強調を使わずに、モノや人の際立った特長や魅力を表現できます。

So busy lately, sorry!

Will get back to posting more and answering questions soon.

Currently preparing for an N3 level test for my host university. Failed it last time, think I might do so again, but we’ll see! (They originally signed me up to do an N1 level test…. Hahahahaha! What were they thinking, indeed).